Pixel Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Sale price£ 450.00
Body color: Black
Blade color: Black
Blade size: 56"

Not sure which one to pick ? Let us help you find the exact fan size.

Size Guide
Blade size 42” 48” - 52" 54” - 60"
Suitable space 7 - 10 ㎡ 10 - 13 ㎡ +13 ㎡

What's in the box ?

  • 15 cm downrod
  • Remote control
  • 18W Light Kit
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Pixel Ceiling Fan - #Body Color_Black|Blade Color_Teak


A sleek ceiling fan designed to keep any Outdoor space at the perfect temperature, while saving on energy. Features a high-quality DC motor to deliver powerful yet pleasant air movement and quiet performance. The fan Includes a built in light & Bottom Cover without a light kit option and a remote control for easy control and convenience.

Packed with features


Whisper quiet and efficient DC motor for optimal performance

Intergrated LED light kit for sleek and high performance lighting

Designed for easy installation and maintenance

Elevate your experience with the included wireless remote


Suitable outdoor space size of 13-25 sqm


Maximum angle for installation 15 degrees


Suitable for ceilings of at least 2.6m

The Eco Breeze

At SWING we are driven by innovation, creativity, efficiency and reliability. Our fans are driven by high quality, efficent, durable and powerful motors.

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